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The best way to get in contact is by email.

You can try my office extension x3467, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 am and 3:30 pm.

my favorite poem

The Mystic

Cale Young Rice

There is a quest that calls me,
In nights when I am lone,
The need to ride where the ways divide
The Known from the Unknown.
I mount what thought is near me
And soon I reach the place,
The tenuous rim where the Seen grows dim
And the Sightless hides its face.

I have ridden the wind,
I have ridden the sea,
I have ridden the moon and stars.
I have set my feet in the stirrup seat
Of a comet coursing Mars.
And everywhere
Thro' the earth and air
My thought speeds, lightning-shod,
It comes to a place where checking pace
It cries, "Beyond lies God!"

It calls me out of the darkness,
It calls me out of sleep,
"Ride! ride! for you must, to the end of Dust!"
It bids — and on I sweep
To the wide outposts of Being,
Where there is Gulf alone —
And thro' a Vast that was never passed
I listen for Life's tone.

I have ridden the wind,
I have ridden the night,
I have ridden the ghosts that flee
From the vaults of death like a chilling breath
Over eternity.
And everywhere
Is the world laid bare —
Ether and star and clod —
Until I wind to its brink and find
But the cry, "Beyond lies God!"

It calls me and ever calls me!
And vainly I reply,
"Fools only ride where the ways divide
What Is from the Whence and Why"!
I'm lifted into the saddle
Of thoughts too strong to tame
And down the deeps and over the steeps
I find — ever the same.

I have ridden the wind,
I have ridden the stars,
I have ridden the force that flies
With far intent thro' the firmament
And each to each allies.
And everywhere
That a thought may dare
To gallop, mine has trod —
Only to stand at last on the strand
Where just beyond lies God.


Hi. I am Andrew Sulavik, the liaison librarian to the Philosophy and Religion Department at the Macdonald-Kelce Library at the University of Tampa.

I help students and faculty find and access subject matter on our library shelves and in our databases, and occasionally offer a tip or two on how to improve searching skills and tactics in the pursuit of scholarly excellence. 

I am also a metadata librarian. I like to look 'inside' of large data discovery systems, such as the one we have here at the University of Tampa, called Summon. I am often amazed at how content is processed, enhanced, described, indexed, structured, and how it is discovered in an integrated library system.

Research methodologies and search strategies that scholars use are not static (as some may think). Rather, they are dynamic. One must continuously adapt to this swiftly changing information environment.

It can be difficult to bring precision, integration and efficiency to a research project, a discovery layer, a library catalog, a digital repository, or an integrated library system/service. That often comes, however, with an experienced, guiding hand.

​If you are seeking an information specialist with the skills to help, please feel free to contact me.



Collection Development

I also enjoy keeping our collection of Philosophy and Religion print and electronic books up to date. If you see any books in our stacks or catalog that should be replaced by a newer edition or more recent publication, please let me know.

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