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The University of Tampa Macdonald-Kelce Library

Nursing Theorists: DVDs

A guide for nursing theory resources in the Library

Nursing Theorist DVDs

V.1 Virginia Henderson : definition of nursing (37 min.)

V.2 Dorothy Johnson : behavioral systems model (35 min.)

V.3 Imogene King : interacting systems framework (24 min.)

V.4 Madeleine Leininger : transcultural nursing care (51 min.)

V.5 Myra Levine : the conservation model (29 min.)

V.6 Betty Neuman : Neuman systems model (39 min.)

V.7 Margaret Newman : health as expanding consciousness

V.8-9 Florence Nightengale : life and work (V.8 - 30 min., V.9 - 37 min.)

V.10 Dorothea Orem : self-care framework (30 min.)

V.11 Rosemarie Parse : theory of human becoming (33 min.)

V.12 Ida Orlando Pelletier : nursing process discipline (33 min.)

V.13 Hildegard Peplau : interpersonal relations in nursing (29 min.)

V.14 Martha Rogers : science of unitary human beings (23 min.)

V.15 Callista Roy : Roy adaptation model of nursing (38 min.)

V.16 Reva Rubin : theory of maternal identity (42 min.)

V.17 Jean Watson : a theory of human caring (44 min.)


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