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The University of Tampa Macdonald-Kelce Library

IPO Study Abroad: Ireland, Cuba, Spain

This guide serves to promote and inform about the IPO's international studies program.

Travel and Study in Seville


Seville, Spain

Spain. Seville. 2012. View from obove. Cathedral. The Orange Patio in the foreground, with the Maestranza bullfighting arena in the background.

SPAIN. Seville. 1960.

Spain. Seville. 2012. West entrance of the cathedral, on the Orange Patio.

Spain. Seville. 2012. Cathedral. The Treasure.

Spain. Seville. 2012. The baroque Divino Salvador church. Virgen de las Aguas.

Flower boxes outside an apartment building, Seville, Spain general view

SPAIN. Seville. SPAIN. Seville. The Real Maestranza bullring. Spectators on their way to the bullfight. 2003.

Roses, Seville, Spain general view

Seville Cathedral Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See exterior distant view, tower

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