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Chemistry, Medicinal

Welcome to the research guide for Medicinal Chemistry

Use this guide to find research (books, articles, datasets) on the field of Medicinal Chemistry.

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Interesting local news: USF Receives Anti-MRSA Compound Patent:

"While previously used to treat malaria and cancer, work by the USF chemists resulted in a synthetic version of quinazoline that showed potential as antibacterial agents.

"They're wizards," Shaw said with a laugh. "They can take chemical structures and molecules and tweak and play with them, almost like Lego building blocks and create new derivatives, new variants and produce things that before, no one's ever done.'"

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Getting Started

Reference Resources for finding medical conditions and possible treatments:

The Merck Index (also available online) and The 5-Minute Clinical Consult. The table of contents at the beginning of each book lists all the conditions and the page number to find them in the book.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) website. Click on the Diseases and Conditions link.

Gale Health and Wellness (log into Esearch first). Click on "diseases and conditions," for definition, description, causes and symptoms, diagnosis, key terms, treatment, and prognosis. You can also look up drugs and alternative medicines.

Reference Resources for finding drug information (Consider both the generic and brand name; searching the Internet can help with this):

Drugs Facts and Comparison: A comprehensive drug information reference source intended for health professionals. Arranged by therapeutic drug classes. Each entry (monograph) gives detailed information covering such topics as actions, adverse reactions, and overdosage.

Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR): Guide to drug interactions, side effects, and indications. Includes chemical structure of drug., a searchable database for potential drug treatments being tested.

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Literature Reviews

A literature review is conducted to unearth the most relevant research on a particular topic. You may confine your research to a certain field or sub-field, a particular theory or theories, a set time period, or any other parameters within your discipline or research interests.

The point of a review is to find trends, evolving views, controversies within a topic, under-represented topics of research, or perhaps remaining questions to a problem. Check out our guide on writing a literature review.

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