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Key Databases

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Key Journals

When searching Journals, you can browse Chemistry journals by clicking on "Physical Sciences & Mathematics," or type in "Medicinal Chemistry" to see which journals have this term in the title, including:

 ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters and Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

You can also try  "pharmaceutical chemistry," which brings up the journal Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal and an Ebook (Green Chemistry in the Pharmaceutical Industry, which is available through Ebrary).

Typing in "natural products" several journals come up, including Journal of Natural Products and Journal of Asian Natural Products Research.

Constructing a Search

In the library cross-search Summon, using the example of diabetes type 2 and the new drug Omarigliptin (MK-3102), you might try a search like this:

diabetes AND "type 2" AND omarigliptin

Knowing the different names for a disease is useful (many times, there's the lay person's term and the scientific term) and also, as in this case, evolving names of diseases. Type 2 diabetes was once known as adult-onset or noninsulin-dependent diabetes.

Looking in the Gale Health and Wellness database, under diseases and conditions, you can discover more established drugs for treatment, including metformin or acarbose or xenatide or troglitizone. You will find many more research articles on these drugs, as these have been in use for a longer time than omarigliptin..

You can also Google the drug for the manufacturer name and information and check PubChem for the Compound summary for Omarigliptin.

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