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The University of Tampa's Macdonald-Kelce Library has a wide selection of books pertaining to a variety of aspects of music and musicianship. Below are some of the most common categories to be explored:

M: Music Compositions

ML: Literature on Music

MT: Instruction and Study


M1-5000 Compositions

M1.A5-3.3 Collections

M5-1480 Instrumental Music

            M6-175.5 Solo Instrument

            M176 Motion Picture Music

            M177-990 Two or More Solo Instruments

            M1000-1075 Orchestra

            M1100-1160 String Orchestra

            M1200-1270 Band

            M1350-1366 Other Ensembles

            M1375-1420 Instrumental Music for Children

            M1470-1480 Aleatory Music/Electronic Music/Mixed Media

M1495-2199 Vocal Music

            M1495 Collections

            M1497-1998 Secular Vocal Music

            M1999-2199 Sacred Vocal Music

            M5000 Unidentified Compositions

ML1-3930 Literature on Music

ML 25-28 Societies and Other Organizations

ML159-3785 History and Criticism

ML3795 Music as a Profession: Vocational Guidance

ML3797-3799.5 Musical Research

ML3800-3923 Philosophical and Societal Aspects of Music/Physics and acoustics of

                       music/Physiological Aspects of Music

ML3928-3930 Literature for Children

MT1-960 Instruction and Study

            MT3-5 History

            MT5.5-7 Music Theory

            M68-MT87 Method

            MT170-810 Instrumental Techniques

            MT820-915 Singing and Vocal Technique

            MT918-948 School Music

            MT955-956 Musical Theater

            MT960 Music in the Theater

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