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Institutional Repository UoTIR

A guide to get you started on formatting and submitting your completed papers to the University of Tampa's Institutional Repository

Agreement Forms

If you are interested in preserving a presentation or journal in UoTIR, please fill out one of the forms below and send to Questions? Email


If you have a speaker coming to campus and would like to post the presentation in UoTIR, have the speaker sign this form. Also, please contact Media Services at least a week beforehand. Under special instructions on the online form, write in a request for the event to be filmed.

UT Journals / Magazines

If you publish a campus journal or magazine and would like to get permission from your authors to post their work in UoTIR, use this form:

In written correspondence with contributors during the submission process (or included in your guidelines for submission), you can also share the following wording for a blanket permission to include their work in the Institutional Repository:

Acceptance of your work to {insert journal name}, includes disseminating the work freely online in The University of Tampa Macdonald-Kelce Library Institutional Repository.


William Hogarth's 1736 engraving, Scholars at a Lecture. Image is in the Public Domain

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