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Oppportunity to Make Articles Published in Cambridge Journals OA

The University of Tampa has a Read and Publish Agreement with Cambridge Journals.

Corresponding Authors have the opportunity to publish OA Articles in Cambridge OA Journals without incurring any Article Processing Charges.

In order to publish in a Cambridge OA Journal, the Corresponding Author must:

  • Have an Article accepted for publication;
  • Provide details of his/her affiliation with Licensee (UT), when submitting their Article for publication; and
  • Sign a license to publish form or equivalent documentation, as required by the OA Journal publishing the Article, selecting a Creative Commons License in the process

The OA publishing opportunities this agreement offers are only available for articles which have an acceptance date during the Term of this Agreement (agreement started in January 2021).

Articles published non-OA in Cambridge OA Journals during the Term of this Agreement will be eligible for retroactive conversion to OA provided:

  • The Article was published during the Term of this Agreement;
  • and the request to convert to OA is made within the same Year the Article was published. For example, an article published in March 2021 non-OA will need to be made retroactively OA before the end of 2021. Only the Corresponding Author can request their Article be made OA and this must be done through Payment Processing Software, or correspondence directly with the Licensor.

Please contact Shannon Spencer for more information.

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