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A guide to get you started on formatting and submitting your completed papers to the University of Tampa's Institutional Repository

M..S in Cybersecurity

The University of Tampa's Master of Science in Cybersecurity prepares students for careers in the dynamic and growing cybersecurity industry. Rapid technology changes and the evolving threats that face modern organizations require educated and equipped cybersecurity professionals. With small class sizes and a cutting-edge cybersecurity lab, this specialized graduate program emphasizes hands-on learning using real-world tools and virtual environments.

The curriculum covers critical topics in cybersecurity and gives students the option of taking valuable courses in project management, business analytics, enterprise systems and SAP certification. The program is also ideal for those wishing to advance in the fields of law enforcement, criminology, criminal justice, forensics, law and government.

Submitting Your Thesis to the Library

Once your advisor, or committee chair, and the other members of the committee approve your work, you will be scheduled a defense date. This event is open to the public, and you will have the opportunity to present your work and findings and answer questions. 

After the committee formally approves the thesis, you are required to submit an electronic version of your thesis to the Macdonald-Kelce Library for inclusion in the digital repository, which is accessible on the internet.

Embargoes restricting access of full text to only the UT community may be selected for one, three or five years before the work is released freely on the web through the repository. Students also have the option to release the work for immediate access worldwide.

If you have any other questions, please contact Mia Plachkinova, assistant professor, at mplachkinova@ut.edu

Steps for Submitting Your Project

For Students:

1) Complete and have your Thesis signed by your advisor(s)

2) Fill out the ETD Agreement Form.

3) Email your advisor(s) the completed forms. These will be sent to the Library by your department for inclusion in the UoTIR.

Agreement Form

Faculty Advisors: Have your students who are completing final projects as a part of their graduation requirements fill out the following form. Once completed, the student returns the form to his or her professor/advisor for signature.

Once both the student and the faculty member have signed off, the form and project are then submitted to the Library for inclusion in the repository.

Library Resources for Cybersecurity

Click here to explore the resources and services available to you from the Macdonald-Kelce Library. Discover how to find books in the catalog, locate journal articles in the databases, and more.

Thesis Track Students

The thesis track is for students who would like to gain further understanding of a topic of their interest. Regardless of their career choices, the thesis track can help students learn how to collect, analyze and present information in a meaningful way. The goal is to identify and solve existing problems in academia and/or the industry.

Data for Your Thesis

You can start with the Macdonald-Kelce Library and Google Scholar to look for relevant scholarly articles. Depending on your project, you may need to collect your own data through interviews, surveys, observations, etc. or use already existing data such as public records, open data sources, social media, etc.

Submission Form Policy

Only submissions accompanied by fully completed forms will be accepted by the repository for inclusion. This includes all fields, embargo selected, and all required signatures. Forms are fillable online; please use Adobe signature to complete. You may also print the form out to complete, and then scan and return.

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