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CLIN-IQ PROJECT: PAM 622 Medical Practice: Evidence Based Medicine

PAM 622 Medical Practice: Evidence-Based Medicine

The third in a series of courses designed to aid the student’s transition into the medical profession and serves as an introduction to multiple professional practice issues. This course will guide the student in developing problem-solving skills to apply to the medical decision-making process. The course will include instruction to prepare students to search, interpret and evaluate medical literature to include its application to individualized patient care. Instruction will include lecture as well as small group exercises and/or problem or case-based learning.


•  Recognize and construct well-formulated, clinically relevant questions.

•  Access appropriate current literature of the highest level of evidence relevant to a clinical question.

•  Utilize Medical Reference Library consultants effectively.

•  Interpret the results from published literature.

•  Appraise the validity and strength of evidence of the literature selected.

•  Summarize the results for an audience of their peers, faculty mentors, and community clinicians.

•  Synthesize the literature in a written document.

•  Follow instructions for authors for scholarly writing.

•  Produce a publication ready document of their findings.

Steps for Submitting Your Project

For Students:

1) Complete and have your Thesis signed by your advisor(s)

2) Fill out the ETD Agreement Form.

3) Email your advisor(s) the completed forms. These will be sent to the Library by your department for inclusion in the UoTIR.

Agreement Form

Faculty Advisors: Have your students who are completing final projects as a part of their graduation requirements fill out the following form. Once completed, the student returns the form to his or her professor/advisor for signature.

Once both the student and the faculty member have signed off, the form and project are then submitted to the Library for inclusion in the repository.

Submission Form Policy

Only submissions accompanied by fully completed forms will be accepted by the repository for inclusion. This includes all fields, embargo selected, and all required signatures. Forms are fillable online; please use Adobe signature to complete. You may also print the form out to complete, and then scan and return.

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