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A guide to get you started on formatting and submitting your completed papers to the University of Tampa's Institutional Repository

Honors Program Theses

In addition to the required Pathways to Honors course, five other honors courses of at least three credit hours must be taken. One of these courses can be the Honors Thesis.

Honors theses are limited to rising Juniors actively enrolled at the University of Tampa who are in good standing in the Honors Program.

What constitutes a thesis is ultimately up to the student’s thesis advisor, who should consult their department regarding appropriate project guidelines for the student’s field of study. That said, a standard thesis is an original, research-based argument that is, at minimum, the length of a publishable article or book. Creative theses are also welcome but should have a research component that either reflects the
work done to prepare the art or reflects on the finished product.

Submission of Theses to the Library's Institional Repository

Students need to make any revisions suggested by the Honors or Thesis Committees by the last day of school of the semester in which the student plans to complete the Thesis. The faculty chair of the thesis committee will upload both the final product as well as the confirmation of completion and a signed Institutional Repository Permission Form to the Honors Thesis Evaluation Form on Submittable.

Model Theses

Theses will be uploaded to the University of Tampa Institutional Repository; until the first cohort has completed its projects, which will serve as models for future students, you may find sample Honors Theses at several universities, including Rollins, The University of Connecticut, and the University of Florida.

Guidelines And Forms

Click here for complete thesis guidelines, prepared by the Honors Program.

File:Claude Bernard's thesis for his doctorate Wellcome M0011459.jpg

Submission Form Policy

Only submissions accompanied by fully completed forms will be accepted by the repository for inclusion. This includes all fields, embargo selected, and all required signatures. Forms are fillable online; please use Adobe signature to complete. You may also print the form out to complete, and then scan and return.

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