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Copyright and Fair Use

Information on copyright and fair use exemptions.

Fair Use Checklist

Is there something you want to use for class, but aren’t sure if your use is a copyright infringement?

Complete this four-factor checklist to support your accepted use of content. Fair use isn't black and white, but more of a leaning based on the four-factor evaluation. Retain a copy and it could provide some legal protections.

For your research


The most authoritative source for copyright information is the U. S. Copyright Office. Stanford University maintains an excellent resource on copyright and fair use at their Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center page.

The University of Tampa policies on intellectual property can be found in the Faculty Handbook, chapter 6, section 10. The pertinent passages may also be found in the tab of this guide titled Copyright (for Faculty).

More copyright resources and tutorials can be found below.

*The contents in this guide are suggested guidelines and do not serve as legal advice.*

Copyright Resources and Tutorials

Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, "Owning the Past," the copyright chapter from Digital History:A Guide to Gathering, Preserving, and Presenting the Past on the Web 

Cornell University, Copyright Information Center

Columbia University, Copyright Advisory Office 

North Carolina State University Libraries, Copyright and Digital Scholarship Center

Northern Kentucky University Creative Thinking class lessons, films, and activities on plagiarism and copyright awareness for the classroom.

Stanford University Libraries, Copyright and Fair Use

The University of Texas System, Crash Course in Copyright

And for a much more animated explanation of copyright, check out the Copyright Exposed animated videos from the "Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright" series by the Library of Congress. (Uses Adobe Flash.)

The video "Copyright Basics" from the Copyright Clearance Center provides a great overview of copyright and related issues.

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