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Information about the Macdonald-Kelce Library services, policies, and collections


We have laptops available for 1-week checkout.

Library Laptop Checkout and Use Policies

The following policy applies to laptop computers circulated by the Macdonald-Kelce Library.  The laptops are configured with the same software as the computer lab computers.

Borrowing Procedures

  •     Laptops circulate to current UT students. Faculty and staff should contact Information Technology and Security for further information.
  •     The borrower must present a current University of Tampa Spartan card or another type of photo ID.
  •     Laptops are checked out for one week and due one hour prior to closing on the due date.
  •     No renewals. However, it may be possible to return and check out another laptop.

Circulating Procedures

Checking Out:

  •     Laptops can be checked out at the Circulation Desk from the time the library opens until 30 minutes before the library closes.
  •     Laptops will be available on a first come, first serve basis. Laptops may not be reserved in advance.
  •     Once a laptop is checked out to a patron, the laptop becomes the responsibility of that patron. Work must be saved to the user’s external drive as the laptop’s hard drive is cleared each time the computer is turned off.

The Library is not responsible for loss or damage to the borrower’s file(s) during the loan period. Anti-virus software is installed on all laptops; the Library is not responsible for computer viruses that may be transferred during use. The Library is not responsible for personal items left in the bag, nor in the laptop.

Fines and Liabilities

Fines are accrued at $10 per day. The borrower is responsible for all costs associated with any damage to the laptop during their check-out period. The borrower is responsible for replacement costs in the amount of $2500 if the laptop is lost or stolen during their check-out period. Borrowers will be billed immediately. The borrower would also be responsible for any accrued overdue charges. Additional charges may be assessed. Borrowers must adhere to the UT Acceptable Use Policy and the End User Network Equipment Policy.

Laptop and Components Replacement

The borrower will be responsible for the replacement of the laptop and components that are returned damaged or that are missing. The Library Systems Office will determine and advise the borrower of appropriate and acceptable replacement item(s). Items will be replaced with the same or similar product(s) dependent upon market availability. 

Estimated Replacement Costs

  •     Laptop $2500

Privacy Statement: Users of all public computers should be aware that it might be possible for third parties to obtain data from the computer's hard drive at a later date. The Macdonald-Kelce Library endorses the American Library Association's Policies on Confidentiality of Library Records and Personally Identifiable Information About Library Users. The Library will not release information about library users except as required by law, and only when served with a proper warrant or subpoena by law enforcement agents.

DVD Players

Portable DVD players are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk.



Calculators are available for checkout. The checkout period for each is for 24 hours.

Request a calculator at the Circulation Desk.

Gaming Consoles

The library owns one of each of the following consoles on Reserve (Circulation Desk):

These consoles are available for a 24 hour check-out. Games borrowed are also for a 24 hour check-out. Prior to leaving the library with the console, and upon returning it, please make sure that the items below are in the case:

  • Console
  • Wireless Controller
  • AV Cable
  • HDMI Cable
  • Power Cord
  • Power Supply
  • Setup Guide/Product Guide

Once the console is checked out, the console becomes the responsibility of the patron. Please note: Checking the console in and out takes some time; please bring the console back to the Circulation Desk at least an hour prior to Library closing. Leave plenty of time for this transaction.

Fines and Liabilities:

The Borrower is responsible for all costs associated with any damage to the console during check-out period. The Borrower is responsible for replacement costs in the amount of $2,500 if the console is lost or stolen during the check-out period. The Library is not responsible for personal items left in the bag or in the console. 

Fines are accrued at $10/day for the console and $5/day for the case or $15/day for both. Additional charges may be assessed.

Estimated replacement Costs:

  • Console - $2,500
  • Carrying Case - $100
  • AC Power Cord w/ AC Adapter - $60


If you don't have personal earphones/headphones to use while in the library, the Circulation desk will give you earbuds to keep. Ask a staff member at the Circulation Desk for a pair. 

Bring earbuds or headphones any time you need to attend a class online via Zoom, attend a meeting, watch a film, or listen to music in the library. Using earbuds limits noise and allows for better sound quality. 

USB Charging Cables

The library provides four Multi USB Charging Cables for checkout for two (2) hours.

Ask to borrow a charging cable at the Circulation Desk.

USB Flash Drives

USB flash drives are available on reserve for a two (2) hour period.

Ask to borrow a flash drive at the Circulation Desk.

Bicycle Locks

Two bicycle locks are available on reserve for one (1) day checkout.

Please request at the Circulation Desk.


Stuck in the rain? Umbrellas are available for a one (1) day checkout. Ask at the Circulation Desk.

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