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Information about the Macdonald-Kelce Library services, policies, and collections

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about borrowing books from the library.

Where are the books in the library?

First Floor: Most of the books on the first floor are for reference purposes and are in-library use only (except the books in the Florida Military Collection which are available to borrow).

Reserves: For some classes professors place books on Reserve. Reserve books can be found at the Circulation Desk.

Second Floor: This is the MAIN collection. All the books in the MAIN collection are available to check out (or to use inside the library).

Call Numbers: On the spine of every book is an alpha-numeric code. This code is the Library of Congress Call Number. As a way of organizing information every book is assigned a letter-number combination. Books are then arranged alphabetically (and then numerically) by the Library of Congress Call Number you'll find on its spine. EX: PQ7797.B635 Z635 1969 is the Library of Congress Call Number for a book titled Conversations with Jorge Luis Borges.

Find this book on the shelf on second floor. At the end of each aisle you'll see signage indicating which letters are on that row of books. Once you find the row with PQ look for the shelves with PQ7797. Once you find this group then look more closely for the book with PQ7797.B635 Z635 1969 on the spine. Frequently the final four digits (in this case 1969) is the year of publication. If you don't find the book where it is supposed to be (and the online catalog shows that it is on the shelf) look on the shelf above where it belongs, the shelf below, and to the right and left of the proper location. Occasionally books are mis-shelved. If you still don't find it ask at the Circulation Desk or ask a librarian for assistance. If a book is lost we may be able to borrow it from another library for you.

Once you've located the book, look around at the books near-by, they are often on the same topic and may be useful.

How do I find a book in the library?

Spartan Search: On the library homepage, after you put in search terms, you can limit your results just for books by clicking "Resource Type" --> "Books" or choose "Ebook" next to the search box.  Books with a call number can be found in the library building. Ebooks will have a link indicating they are available online.


How many books can I check out per semester?

See this chart for the number of books you are able to check out in an academic year. Keep in mind that another patron may request the book(s).

How long can I keep items I checked out?

Students: Six weeks (or until the end of the semester if the semester end is less than six weeks away).

Faculty and staff: Until the end of the academic year.

Reserve Items: Checkout times for reserved materials varies. It can range from a few hours to a few days, and sometimes the material must be kept inside the library. Reserve items are high-use, low-supply, so borrowing time is restricted to allow everyone access.

See the individual pages for information about CD, DVD, and game console checkout.

What do I do if a book I want is checked out?

Put it on hold: If the book you want is checked out, you are able to put it on hold when it is returned. In the Online Catalog, click "log in," log in with your Spartan ID number and last name, and request a "hold." When the book is returned to the library, it will be held for you and you will be notified. A hold also prevents the patron with the item from renewing the return date.

Request it through Interlibrary Loan

Ask a reference librarian to help you locate an alternative source. Sometimes the information you're seeking can be in multiple sources. Check with a librarian to learn if the information you seek might be available elsewhere.

What if the library doesn't own the book I want?

We can borrow books from other libraries for you to use.

See the information on the Interlibrary Loan guide.

What if the book I want is lost?

If a book is lost or missing we can try to borrow a copy from another library for you to use.

See the information under the Interlibrary Loan guide.

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