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Interlibrary Loan - What is it?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a process where we borrow materials from other libraries from all parts of the globe. Thanks to the ILL system we have access to books and journal articles in most libraries in the United States. For the most part, we communicate through an organization/database called OCLC/Worldcat. Books, journal articles, and in some cases audio-visual materials are available to borrow. ILL's usually take under two weeks to arrive from another library, according to the lending library's schedule. Unfortunately, most libraries do not loan out entertainment materials like recent DVD releases, but we can usually get the books and articles you need for your research.

Learn more about Interlibrary Loan here.

Interlibrary Loan - How to use it

The process of Interlibrary Loan begins by filling out one of the request forms at the reference desk or online.

There is a form for books (including manuscripts, theses, and book chapters), and a form for journal articles.

Whole issues of journals are not lent. Make sure you fill in the form completely and accurately. We will notify you when the physical item has arrived, email you with the digital copy of an article, or contact you in case of any problems.

You can find out which libraries hold an item you are interested in acquiring by using This database includes the holdings of nearly every library in North America.

We endeavor to borrow from libraries who will lend to us free of charge. However, certain items such as a thesis (manuscript), or photocopied material, either borrowed from out of state or being over 20 pages in length, may incur a charge. These charges could run anywhere from $6.00 to $20.00. Please be aware of the kind of material you are requesting and indicate on the form whether you would be willing to accept a charge if necessary.

One word of advice, if you are searching for materials on a subject that is an obscure area of study always try to get help from a Reference Librarian. We may know of ways to find sources you haven't thought of and will possibly be able to give you materials before you leave the library. Stop by the Reference Desk for help finding sources.

Learn more about Interlibrary Loan here.


Have questions?

For books, email

For articles, email

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