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The University of Tampa Macdonald-Kelce Library


Library Computer Labs

We have about 30 desktop computers for your use, all on the first floor of the library. The Jaeb lab in the front of the library has two Bloomberg terminals and a color printer, as well as specific software not found on other computers in the library. The lab near the Reference Desk offers the same UT-issued software you will find in throughout campus, including the Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office.

Various UT Computer Labs on campus.  

Jaeb Computer Lab

Jaeb Computer Center maintains a computer lab in the Macdonald-Kelce Library. This lab is in the front of the library, to the right of the entryway.

Please contact the Student HelpDesk with any questions concerning printing, log-ins, and software at or x6255.

Virtual Meetings in the Labs

Virtual meetings using Zoom/Facetime/Skype etc. are allowed in the library computer labs; however, we require the use of headphones and that patrons use the chat function to communicate during class session or any virtual meeting.

Headphones are available at the Circulation Desk for you to keep. Please keep your headphones for future use in the labs. They are free!

If you need to talk during a meeting, book a study room.

Bloomberg Terminal

Learn about the Bloomberg Terminals in the front Library computer lab here:

Public Access

The Macdonald-Kelce Library at the University of Tampa is a selective depository of U.S. Federal government documents and allows the public access to these government documents during normal open hours.

Public Computer Use

Visitors may use the public computer which is equipped with Microsoft Office suite and the library databases, by signing in as guests at the Circulation Desk. Time is limited to a single two-hour session per day. Scanners are available for public use. For a detailed list of accessible databases, see the Databases for On-Site Public Users Guide.

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