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The University of Tampa Macdonald-Kelce Library

Nursing Theorists: Books

A guide for nursing theory resources in the Library



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NURSING THEORY is the main subject heading for this area.


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 Philosophy of Nursing       Nursing models


Nursing Books - General Theory

These are just some of the general nusring theory books we have available at the Macdonald-Kelce Library.


Reference Books

This is a three volume work from the Sage Library of Nursing.

Volume one covers: Developing Theoretical Foundations for Nursing

Volume two covers: Formal Conceptualisations of Nursing: Models and Theories

Volume three covers: Looking Back and Forward: Future Directions for Nursing Theory

Reference books are located on the first floor of the library and are available for in library use only.



Martha Rogers: The Science of Unitary Human Beings
by Louette R. Johnson Lutjens
Call # MAIN RT84.5 .L89 1991 V.1

Imogene King: A Conceptual Framework for Nursing
by Christina Sieloff Evans
Call # MAIN RT84.5 .E93 1991 V.2

Callista Roy: An Adaptation Model
by Louette R. Johnson Lutjens
Call # MAIN RT84.5 .L88 1991 V.3

Dorothea Orem: Self-care Deficit Theory
by Donna L. Hartweg
Call # MAIN RT84.5 .H37 1991 V.4

Rosemarie Parse: Theory of Health as Human Becoming
by Sheila Bunting
Call # MAIN RT84.5 .B85 1993 V.5

Margaret Newman: Health as Expanding Consciousness
by Joanne Marchione
Call # MAIN RT84.5 .M36 1993 V.6

Paterson and Zderad: Huamniastic Nursing Theory
by Nancy O'Connor
Call # MAIN RT 84.5 .O35 1993 V.7

Madeleine Leininger: Cultural Care Diversity and Universality Theory
by Cheryl L. Reynolds and Madeleine Leininger
Call # MAIN RT86.54 .C85 1993 V.8

Florence Nightingale: An Environmental Adaptation Theory
by Louise C. Selanders
Call # MAIN RT84.5 .S45 1993 V.9

Hildegard E. Peplau: Interpersonal Nursing Theory
by Cheryl Forchuk
Call # MAIN RT84.5 .F67 1993 V.10

Betty Neuman: The Neuman Systems Model
by Karen S. Reed
Call # MAIN RT84.5 .R44 1993 V.11

Ida Jean Orlando: A Nursing Process Theory
by Norma Jean Schmeiding
Call # MAIN RT86.3 .S52 1993 V.12

Nursing Books - Individual Theorists

This is a sample of some of the books we have on individual nursing theorists. Please check the online catalog for more titles.

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