Using Pitchbook

Pitchbook features real time data to research and analyze private and public companies, startup trends, private equity & venture capital financing deals, VC and PE investment funds, investors, and service providers across the entire private investment lifecycle. You can also:

  • Save search strategies,  and company lists within your PitchBook account for future reference
  • Set up daily, weekly, or monthly alerts for new companies that meet your criteria
  • Print HTML content and PDF documents/reports

Capitalize on the private markets on the go. Our mobile app puts the entire world of VC, PE and M&A at your fingertips, ensuring you have instant access to the industry news and financial data you need—whether you want to quickly review a fund’s returns, know when a new company enters your space, see how a deal was structured and more.

Manuals and User Guides

Documentation and guides are available in the Pitchbook Help Center. Click "Help Center" in the upper menu after logging in to see all documentation.

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