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Creative Writing

A guide for majors and students working on creative writing projects

Graduate Programs

Resources to assist creative writers in finding a graduate program that fits their goals:

Poets & Writers' MFA Programs Database is a searchable database of MFA programs, as well as MA and PHD programs.

Association of Writers & Writing Programs Guide to Writing Programs is a searchable collection of writing programs.

College Art Association's MFA Standards and Guidelines detail the expected qualities of MFA programs.


The following links include resources on finding a career with a creative writing degree:

Poets & Writers' Jobs For Writers is a resource that lists current job listings for creative writers.

Academic Jobs Wiki is a comprehensive, frequently updated wiki that collects current academic job listings. It also has links to other useful websites for academic careers.

Creative Writing Career Podcast features advice on navigating a career as a creative writer, hosts include writers for Pixar and Minecraft.


Internships, volunteer opportunities, and workplace experience are vital in making your CV or resume stand out as a creative writer on the job market:

University of Tampa Information on Internships will assist current UT students in finding a suitable internship.

University of Tampa Career Services Department provides the necessary tools for UT students in their job search, such as career counseling.

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