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Current and Controversial Topics

This guide will help you find books, articles, and quality internet sources on controversial topics and topics currently in the news.

Are you writing about a current or controversial issue? This guide can help you get started with the best resources for writing about today's issues.

If you've never done library research for an academic paper check out the Introduction to Library Research page.

Once you've searched for a topic from the library's front page you can use the filter options to limit the results. You many want to choose available online under Availability or newspaper articles under Resource Type. Or, if you're looking for something peer-reviewed and academic, you might choose peer-reviewed articles under Availability. There is also an option to restrict your Publication Date which can be found by scrolling down the left-hand column.

NOTE: Scholarship moves slowly. You may not find academic, peer-reviewed work on very recent topics. Consider expanding your search to a slightly larger concept. (Ex: you're writing about a recent TV comedy series and there is no scholarship on that series. Look for scholarly material on tv situation comedy, or political comedy, or ""dramedy".)

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