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A guide for finding books, articles, and other resources on the topic of physics

CIting sources for Physics Materials

Citations allow us to both acknowledge creators and continue the chain of research.

While there are many different citation styles, they all mainly contain the same bibliographic information necessary to track down a source.

Citations are used to give proper acknowledgement to creators and to avoid plagiarism, but they are hugely important in the scholarly world: citations allow researchers to build on others work, verify information, find new works to explore, replicate studies and much more. 

To ensure you're using the proper style, check with your professor for guidelines. There are several general styles, such as APA and MLA, and also subject specific style,such as CSE and AIP, which are numerical citation styles. The numeric style includes a number in brackets or in superscript, which corresponds to an entry in the numbered reference list. Many journals also have their own citation style.

Using Refworks allows you to easily move from one citation style to another, with other 6000 styles, including subject specific styles and physics journal styles.


Style Guides

Online Resources

What is RefWorks?


RefWorks stores your references and citations online.

RefWorks can add citations directly into Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

RefWorks can automatically do footnotes and the bibliography.

Best of all, it is free to you because the Macdonald-Kelce Library provides ProQuest RefWorks free of charge for the UT Community.

Make sure you have a RefWorks account (click Create account, skip Use login from my institution).


How Do I Set Up My RefWorks Account?

How Do I Set Up My RefWorks Account?

1. Follow the link below to the RefWorks website.

RefWorks long in with Create account link at bottom of page2. On the RefWorks website, select 'Create account' at the bottom of the box.

(skip Use login from my institution).

RefWorks enter UT email3. Enter your UT email address to create your account.

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