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Travel Writing

The purpose of this guide is to help you successfully locate high-quality information for research projects in your travel writing projects.

Locating Articles in Summon

The key to successful database research is using concise terminology. Part of the research process is therefore to begin by learning the key terms used within a particular field and subject. Geographical names will be a great place to start for your travel writing assignment, but in order to find more specific information it will be important to know not just what you are looking for but how others in the field talk about the topic. 

For example, I may begin my research by looking up general information on Dubai. 

You will soon discover, however, that such a broad search turns up nearly 3 million results in Summon!

You will therefore need to narrow down your research in order to have more manageable results. One way of doing this is by using additional search terms such as "Tourism" or "Culture."  You can also limit your search results by using the facets listed on the left hand-side of your search results.

Another option would be to look below at more specific subject-based databases rather than relying on just Summon (which covers the whole of UT's resources).

Search everything.

Use Summon to search across the entire library catalog (books, DVDs, government documents) and most of the library databases (journal articles, images, newspapers).

Advanced Search


Using Specific Databases Instead of Summon

Getting Articles That Are Not in the Library's Collection

Sometimes you may find books and articles that are not available either in the library or through our databases. 

By using our Interlibrary Loan services we are often able to retrieve content not otherwise available at the Macdonald-Kelce Library, but which is held within other institutions. 

See the guide below to learn how to access our Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services.

Or, go straight to the form.

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