Art, Design, and Art History

A guide for students researching the areas of fine art, art history, design, digital arts, and architecture

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Finding art materials in the Macdonald-Kelce Library

Use this guide to help you find sources for any research paper or project having to do with the history of art, design, architecture, and aesthetics. 

If you have an in-depth research question and you are in need of some assistance, please email the Art Librarian Leslie Vega, contact info on this page.                     

Finding Books

Finding Articles

Finding Images

Finding Film

On the Web

Don't know where to begin? If you need basic, general information on an artist or art movement, use a reference book! It is best practice to use reference sources and not Wikipedia or other online sites. See the art reference books page for some examples.

Dobra Koezfa Ftera Nenella (cat's head) by Wenzel Hollar, 1649, via ARTstor, library.artstor.org/asset/ATROUTIG_10313758012

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