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Finding Books in the Library

To begin finding books in the library, use Summon, the discovery system that cross searches books and articles. Do a basic keyword search and then limit the Content Type to "Books/eBooks" found in the left hand facets.

Here's what it looks like when searching "Andy Warhol" in Summon:


When using the Online Catalog (used to search books only), follow these guidelines:

To find a particular artist, use the UTOPIA Online Catalog, and type in the artist's name beginning with their last name. Select "Subject Browse" from the menu, then search in order to get a clear list of books by the artist, books about the artist, exhibition catalogues, critical readings, interviews, DVDs, and catalogues raisonnés.

Tip: Use Worldcat.org to find books we don't have in Macdonald-Kelce Library. The book may be at Hillsborough County Public Library, or at USF, where you are able to check out books. 

Here's a search for "Warhol, Andy" in the Online Catalog:





To find a book by subject or artistic movement, type in keywords and do a basic Keyword Search, or select Subject Browse to choose from a more granular list. This is helpful because sometimes the search term that's cataloged is slightly different from the one you choose.

Below is a search for the early 20th century art movement "Dada." The subject list shows "Dadaism" as the cataloged term.

Keyword Search:


Subject Browse:


Art eBooks

Find digital art book collections online:

National Gallery of Art 

Metropolitan Museum of Art Publications 

New Books

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