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This guide will get you started on your research in education.

Activity-based collection

The Curriculum Room is a place where education students at UT can find materials to help them with lesson planning, pre-internships and internships. There are materials for pre-K, elementary and secondary lesson planning. The materials located here are activity-based and include: big books, games, puppets, kits, activity books and nonfiction children’s books. These materials can be checked out.

There are also two AccuCut die machines and various dies that are education related. There are various dies including: gameboard, bingo, alphabets, fractions, geometry, biology and nutrition dies. Please bring your own paper for the machine.

The Curriculum Room is located on the second floor of the Macdonald-Kelce Library. It is kept locked, so you will need to check out a key at the Circulation Desk to gain entrance to the room. There are two tables in the room which make it a nice place to study.





New Resources Found in Curriculum Room

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