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A guide for communication majors starting their research.

Spartan Articles Search



Journal Title Search (Example: Chronicle of Higher Education or JAMA)

Finding Case Studies in the Communications Field

In the databases, use terms like "case study" or "case method." Keep the terms in quotes to force the results to only return that phrase. Combine with terms like "social media," "education," "public relations," "market research," etc.

Begin by cross-searching most of the library databases. You may have more luck using one of the specialty databases listed below.

For more information on case studies, see the Case Study Research Guide.

Search company and industry information in the Industry Profiles Guide.

Databases with Case Studies

Open Educational Resources, Open Access Journals & Association Reports

Examples of Case Studies

Depending on the company or industry you are targeting, there is an abundance of case studies in the library databases. Here are two examples. The first discusses the effective use of social media in PR campaigns. The second explores brand management decisions concerning the terroir product of an authentic beer brand.

Allagui, I., & Breslow, H. (2016). Social media for public relations: Lessons from four effective cases. Public Relations Review, 42(1), 20–30.

Melewar, T. C., & Skinner, H. (2020). Territorial brand management: Beer, authenticity, and sense of place. Journal of Business Research, 116, 680-689.

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