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Get started with your sociology research.

Getting Started

Using the Tabs

  1. Best Bets - Start with a couple of quick searches using the library's search engine, then try a subject-specialized database like SocIndex to get a feel for the type and quantity of sources available. Play around with the suggested search terms.
  2. Background InformationSometimes you need a definition or basic fact for your paper that you can't find in a scholarly article. Or perhaps you need a more basic understanding of your topic before diving deeper into scholarly research. This is where reference sources, such as encyclopedias, come in handy.
  3. Books - Start here if you're looking for books.
  4. Articles - Start here if you're looking for articles (of any type). Don't forget to try different search terms.
  5. Websites - These professional and non-profit websites may prove useful for your research.
  6. Citations - Proper citation is a critical part of the scholarly process.
  7. Not having any luck?

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