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Spartan Search Guide

How to Request an Interlibrary Loan Using Spartan Search

1) Navigate to the top menu of Spartan Search, choose "more," and then select "ILL Request."



2) Sign in with your MYUTAMPA credentials.



An ILL request form will be displayed, offering the option to select either a book/book chapter or an article at the top. The fields designated with a red asterisk are mandatory. Nonetheless, providing additional information, such as the ISBN, publication date, and more greatly assists us in ensuring an accurate request.



To request a book chapter, simply check the "I only need a specific chapter or pages" box. This will enable a "pages" field, where you can input the exact pages of the chapter you intend to request. Furthermore, you'll be prompted to provide the chapter's title in the designated title field.



To request an article, select the "Article" option at the top. Mandatory fields will adjust for article title and journal information. Including details like volume and issue will aid in making an accurate request.


For all interlibrary loan requests, you need to review the copyright statement and indicate your agreement with its terms. After entering the required information, select "SEND REQUEST" and a confirmation message will appear indicating the successful placement of your request.



How to Check the Status of an Interlibrary Loan Request on Spartan Search

To check the status of your request, navigate to “My Requests” in your account menu.



For physical items, your account may display three possible statuses:


  • “Created borrowing request”

  • “Request pending with another library”

  • “Physically received by the library”


Article/copy requests will have the file uploaded directly to Spartan Search, accessible for download.


Not getting any ILL emails?

If you are missing emails from the library, please check your Junk/Spam mail folder.

Examples of important Macdonald-Kelce Library emails:,,,

You can add any library email to your "safe senders" list by following these steps:

Outlook App -

  1. Open Outlook. In the Home tab click on Junk
  2. Select Junk Email Options
  3. Navigate to the Safe-Senders tab
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Enter the email address into the field and hit OK
  6. Close by hitting OK

Outlook on the web (web-based email client) -

  1. Click the settings (cog) icon on the top-right corner
  2. In the Mail tab, navigate to the Junk Email section
  3. Click +Add in the Safe senders and domains category
  4. Enter the email address into the field and hit enter

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