English Literary Criticism and Theory

The place to start for literary analysis.

Literary Research

This guide will help you find quality sources for your English Lit and literary topics courses.

Expand your research beyond the scope of the work of fiction you are reading. 


  • author interviews
  • critical works about the author
  • analysis of the genre
  • relevant historical matter
  • articles on theme and topic
  • literary theory and philosophy

The above information can be found in books and articles. Remember to cite correctly and get additional help when you're stumped:

Books - Find books first to get a solid overview of your topic

Articles - Next, find relevant scholarly articles to support your thesis

Citations - How to use and format them

Help - Contact a Librarian for more help


Contact the Librarian on this page for questions about your research.

Above: Julia Kristeva,  Below: Erich Auerbach

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