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Journal Search

Type in the name of the periodical to see whether the library has it in a database or in print (e.g. New York Times, Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, Vogue)


Using citations to find other work

When you find a citation in a book, a library database, or Google Scholar and want to access, follow these steps to see if you can find it through the library. Sometimes an online citation will link out to the full-text article - sometimes not!

1. Get the article's citation information (i.e., journal title, volume/issue number, and date).


Stone, Katie. "The Legacies of Ursula K. Le Guin: Science, Fiction, and Ethics for the Anthropocene." Utopian Studies,

vol. 31, no. 1, 2020, pp.227-233.

2. Go to the library's homepage (or use the search box above)

3. In the top navigation bar on the website, click “Search” then “Journal Search.”

4. Type in the exact journal title in which the article appears.

example of journal from the above citation: Utopian Studies

5. Find the specific journal in the results (If no results appear this means that the library does not subscribe to that journal. You may submit an Interlibrary Loan request to borrow the article from another library).

6. One journal may be available through multiple databases with varying ranges of date coverage. For example:

7. Find the database which includes the journal for the date the article was published.

In the above citation, the date published is 2020, so you would choose Project Muse - Premium Collection

8. Click on the database link. It will open up the database and specifically link to that journal. 

9. Find the date then the volume and issue of the article. It will open up all articles included within that issue. Find the title of the article to access the full text.

From the above citation:

 Volume: vol. 31

 Issue: no. 1

 Date: 2020

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