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Spartan Search: New Catalog and Discovery Migration

Use this page to learn more about our migration to Spartan Search, which is a new catalog and discovery tool.

Welcome to Spartan Search

Spartan Search Goes Live

16 August 2023

The Macdonald-Kelce Library is migrating to Spartan Search, a new platform for searching the library’s resources. We are excited about the new features and improved functionality this system will bring. Here is some information about the upcoming changes. 


  1. What are these systems?
  2. What are discovery permalinks? 
  3. How to search Spartan Search.
  4. How to access your Spartan Search account.


  1. Outdated: Our current catalog system is significantly outdated.
  2. Disconnected: Our catalog does not connect to other university systems causing duplicate work and manual processing for library staff (for example, the current library catalog does not communicate with Workday).
  3. Archive Systems: We currently have three archive platforms that are not connected to each other or our catalog system. We are merging all our archive systems into one platform to make searching and discovery of collections easier.
  4. Additional Features: The new system will have additional features, including the ability to renew books online, receive emails when materials are checked out or returned, save searches, and more. 

When: 16 August 2023 Go-live. Behind the scenes we have already started the migration. A preview of the system will be available starting 7 August. The new system will go live on 16 August 2023. Please see the timeline for more details

Impact to Faculty:​

  • Permalinks for Spartan Search Discovery items will not work after 15 August.
  • Book orders frozen from 1 June – 15 August.
  • Prevew Spartan Search starting 7 August. ​
  • Interface for searching will change (link goes to sandbox version, results may not accurately reflect library holdings).
  • The old-school online catalog  (deprecated in 2020) will not be available after 15 August. All book searching will be done in Spartan Search.

We will be rolling out more details as the day approaches. If you have any questions, please contact your liaison librarian, or email

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