Scholarly Communication @ UT

A guide to learn more about scholarly communication, including open access, copyright, and grant funding resources.

Why should I use ORCID?

ORCiD helps uniquely identify you as a researcher and is the most widely adopted cross platform identifier. 

  • Many major publishers and funders use ORCiD. Some will require you to have an ORCiD.
  • Your ORCiD acts as a glue for all your research. You can connect with repositories, researcher profiles, and other scholarly ID systems, such as Web of Science and Scopus.

Who am I?

Are you John Smith? J. Smith? J.A. Smith? John A. Smith?

Do you have a common name? Have published some articles with your middle initial, some with your first initial, and others with your fill name? Have you changed your name at some point during your research career? 

ORCiD solves the problem of name differences. Collect all your work under one profile - no matter what name it is published under.

Promote Your Research Activities

With an ORCiD you can more easily showcase your accomplishments. Gather together all your research outputs from articles to posters in one researcher profile. ORCiD allows you to connect all your professional and scholarly accomplishments to feature them to potential collaborators, departments, employers, and funders. 

Keep in touch

ORCiD lasts longer than your email address. If you change institutions you may lose touch with colleagues or potential collaborators will get a failed email. If you chose to share your email, former colleagues and future collaborators will be able to find your most recent email address.

Not sure you want to share some information? That's okay! You can control what ORCID information is publicly shared. 

Credit for all your research

ORCiD can track all your research outputs.

  • Journal articles
  • Presentations
  • Datasets
  • Books
  • Encyclopedia entries
  • Research tools
  • Websites
  • Supervised student projects
  • Conference posters
  • Conference papers
  • Lectures/Speeches
  • Artistic performances

ORCiD helps get you credit for all your research -- not just journal articles. By creating an ORCiD profile you can connect all your research outputs to one research ID.

Save Time

  • ORCiD minimizes the time you spend filling out forms for research publications or applying for grants
  • ORCiD can help funding agencies become familiar with your research

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