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Film Studies

A guide for finding books, articles, reviews, streaming videos/DVDs, and other film resources in the Library


Since various aspects of film studies can be housed under a multitude of academic disciplines (including Film Studies; English; Communications; Art History; et al.) the databases below will reflect this in the variety of disciplines they cover.

It is important to remember that film reviews are usually not scholarly, peer-reviewed articles, and vice-versa. This is made especially confusing as the terms "film critic" and "film criticism" used when discussing film reviews are not interchangeable with the concept of "critical analysis" in scholarly articles, despite the similar phrasing.

Film Studies Journals

Below is a selection of journals available at UT specific to film studies.  See here for a complete listing of film journals we have available.

Citing Articles

See our citation guide for learning how to format article citations in any style.

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