Film Studies

A guide for finding books, articles, reviews, streaming videos/DVDs, and other film resources in the Library


Find DVDs using Spartan Search

If you can't find a DVD in the catalog, check the streaming film databases below. NOTE: All DVDs in the collection must be requested at the Circulation Desk.

- Search the title of a film, and then under "Resource Type" choose Video.


Streaming Film Databases

Subscription Services and other free streaming options

Subscription Services

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime are the largest subscription services for streaming film if you're having trouble getting a film through the library.

Subscription Aggregators (where to watch?)

Services such as JustWatch attempt to aggregate content the major subscription services are serving. However, they are not always perfect, and it is best to double-check against the specific services as well.

In addition to these, IMDb will often list upcoming TV broadcasts of movies and shows, as well as provide links to content on Amazon (although that content is not guaranteed to be free for Prime customers).

Free streaming film at HCPLC

UT students and faculty are welcome and encouraged to join the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative (HCPLC). HCPLC offers a large selection of streaming videos and ebooks, many of which are not available at the Macdonald-Kelce Library. If you are looking for a feature film or popular novel, join the Hillsborough Public Library by signing up for a free library card.

Other Streaming Options with Ads

If you don't mind ads, you can find films on YouTube, IMDb, Tubi, and other services. Check these after checking the databases.

Films in the Public Domain (Free)

High Quality Video

DVD and Blu-Ray editions of films often vary widely in the quality of the film transfer and the types of extra content. As a general rule of thumb, most blu-ray editions are higher quality than DVD editions.

If you're trying to ensure you get a high-quality image, or want scholarly extra content, two review sites of note are criterionforum.org and blu-ray.com.

Specialty Distributors

Another way to usually guarantee a higher quality release is to find an edition released by a specialty distributor, several of which are listed below. These distributors are also a great resource for finding many obscure films.

Please note, however, that this list is far from exhaustive, as there are many niche distributors dedicated to various specialties in film. It also does not include any UK distributors, of which there are several, since they will not work in most American blu-ray or DVD players.

Out of the list above, The Criterion Collection is by far the industry leader in the US for these types of special releases.


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