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Syllabi Collection

The Macdonald-Kelce Library at the University of Tampa maintains a syllabi collection for the benefit of current and prospective students and faculty as well as for access to historic records. The collection is designed to be searched by students, staff, faculty, and the wider educator community.

Browse syllabi in the UoTIR here by year. 

This collection assists UT in multiple ways. Syllabi help students with course selection and provide incoming freshman with more information about the classes offered in their major. Faculty benefit by drawing interested students to their courses, showing potential new hires strengths in the curriculum, and assisting with accreditation. 

--> If you'd like to contribute current and/or past syllabi to the UoTIR, please email with pdfs and indicate choice of access: full open access or restrictive access to UT Campus only. 

If you have any questions about the syllabi collection, please contact Shannon Spencer at


Why do we need this collection?

- Although each UT Department and College may maintain an in-house syllabi collection, having a central repository provides access for a wider community. Some constituents who may benefit are: prospective students, faculty on curriculum-related committees, accreditation agencies, and enrolled students who are selecting a major or a minor.  

Are all Faculty required to submit syllabi to the UoTIR?

- No, all syllabi submissions are voluntary.

What if I don't want everyone to see my syllabi?

- The Library can restrict access to any syllabi as "UT campus only." Only those with a Spartans ID can gain access (students, staff, and faculty). 

Can I submit future syllabi? Or past syllabi?

- The Library accepts all syllabi! You can browse by year to see examples.

How do I submit?

- Email with pdfs of syllabi, and indicate whether you want them "open access" (everyone can see), or "UT campus only" (only those with a Spartan ID and password can see).

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