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The University of Tampa Macdonald-Kelce Library



Twelve day-time lockers are provided on the main floor of the library for the use of UT students for the temporary storage (one day) of personal belongings. Lockers are located near the Magazines on the back wall.

  1. A student may check out a key from the Circulation Desk.  The key is assigned to a specific locker for any time period up to the end of the day only.  There are no renewals.
  2. Keys to the lockers are issued on a first come, first served basis.  Only one key at a time may be checked out.
  3. Only locks/keys issued by the library may be used.  Any personal locks will be removed.
  4. All keys must be returned one hour before closing on the day the key is checked out.  The overdue fine is $5.00 a day.  Locker contents left at the end of the following day will be removed by library staff and sent to Campus Security.
  5. If the key becomes two days overdue, the lock and key (plus spare key) become the property of the patron, resulting in the cost of replacement fee plus fine.  This must be paid before any further use of the lockers is allowed to the patron. The key and lock will be taken out of circulation and cannot be re-used with the library lockers.  A new set of lock and keys will be placed on the locker to insure security. 
  6. The student is responsible for the contents of their locker at ALL times.
  7. It is the student’s responsibility to collect the withdrawn items from the Circulation Desk or from UT Security.
  8. The Library is not liable for the contents of the student lockers.
  9. Lockers are subject to inspection at any time by the library staff or Campus Security. 
  10. The following are a partial list of examples of items not allowed in the library lockers:
    • Hazardous materials.
    • Illegal drugs and other contraband.
    • Food or open liquid containers.
    • Non-discharged library materials.
    • Any kind of weapon or firearm.
  11. Physical damage or defacement to the locker will incur a Penalty of $100 and library locker privileges revoked.

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