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Datasets and Statistics

This guide provides information on using datasets and statistics in your research.

Datasets and statistics for the Arts and Humanities

Data for the study of the arts, literature, languages, history, theater, dance, music, and philosophy.

The Broadway League - Access statistics for the NYC Broadway seasons, past and present. 

Cultural Data Project - The CDP is an online survey that collects financial and programmatic data from nonprofit arts, culture, and humanities organizations.

European Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank - Economic data, out of Rutgers University, from the medieval and early modern periods of European history, circa 800-1815 C.

Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) -  Out of the University of Virginia, the IATH explores and develops information technology as a tool for scholarly humanities research. Explore digital humanities projects on the web.

Linguistics Data Consortium - University of Pennsylvania, the LDC creates, collects and distributes speech and text databases, lexicons, and other resources for research and development purposes.

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