Let RefWorks automatically do your citations and References in your next paper.

Put citations into your paper

Use the RCM, Write-N-Cite, or Google Docs to put citations and bibliography into your paper.

RCM - (Refworks Citation Manager) - Install

  1. Open Microsoft Word. (On your computer, not with Office 365 in a browser)
  2. Go to Insert, and click Get Add-ins and check STORE, MY ADD-INS and ADMIN MANAGED
    STORE                 Store



  1. See Add-in Problems
  2. Add RCM - (Refworks Citation Manager)
  3. Login with your RefWorks username and password

RCM - (Refworks Citation Manager)

RCM is the best way to add citations in Microsoft Word. 
(Works on all newer Macs and Windows computers)

RCM on a Mac

How to use RCM

  1. Open RCM panel on left.
  2. Click folder (to find your citations group)
  3. Click Cite to add a citation.
  4. For direct quotes add page numbers.
            Click on a citation, click edit and add suffix and enter  ,p. 54  or  ,pp. 45-56
  5. Click the citation format  (APA 6th) to change and/or turn on Bibliography


Write-N-Cite Adds citations and the bibliography into Microsoft Word.

Work with RefWorks

Login to RefWorks, Open Tools, and download Write-N-Cite.

  • Works on most versions of Windows, and Office.
  • Works on Macs running Office 2008 and 2011.
  • Does not work on Mac Office 2016 or 365. (Use the RCM)
  • (Detailed installation steps)

Sign in with your RefWorks account.

Then you can add citations and the bibliography. 

The Bibliography adjusts when citations are added or removed.

RefWorks in Google Docs

You can also install RefWorks into Google Docs

Open any Google Document

Click Add-on in the menubar and search for RefWorks.

Install Refworks and sign in with your RefWorks account

Install Write-n-Cite

Here are the steps to download Write-N-Cite to your computer:

  • Install the plug-in through your Refworks Account by clicking “Tools” on the top menu
  • Scroll down and select the correct version for your computer (Mac or Windows)
    • If your Mac is running Office 2016 or Office 365, Stop. Use the RCM. 
    • Macs must install Java first. Then to install Write-N-Cite, open Settings, Security and Open Anyway.
  • Once the file is downloaded, open a Word document*
  • You’ll see the Refworks Tab at the very end of the top menu (ribbon)
  • Click on “Sync My Database” to ensure your Refworks folder and citation styles integrate into Word (set your favorite citation styles in the “Create Bibliography” tab in RefWorks first)
  • Select the style you want to use for your paper (MLA, APA, etc.)
  • Click “Insert Citation” wherever you want an in-text citation to go
  • When you’re ready to add your references or works cited page, go back to RefWorks, click on “Create Bibliography” on the top menu, select your citation style, and then copy and paste the references into your Word document.

* Microsoft Word MUST be installed on your computer for the Write-N-Cite plug-in to work. Contact the IT helpdesk for assistance in downloading Microsoft Office to your computer from your UT Office 365 account.

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